Version City Monthly Review

October 9, 2008 at 6:14 pm (Culture)

Hi, welcome to yet another concert review. This is a few days late though, because I was pretty busy the past couple of days. This time I went to the Knitting Factory for one of their Version City parties. What is a Version City party you ask? Well these parties generally involve 5 or 6 bands that fall under the Reggae, Dub, or Ska genres. In the case of the bands that were there, they were predominately Ska bands. I only saw the first 3, because 3 bands are enough for a concert. Those were Infinite Detour, Silver Dollar, and Magadog.

The concert was not held in the club I was in when Stereo Total came in 2002(3?). This was held in the first lower level, known as the Tap Bar. This club is more or less a bar type setting with more seating than the mainstage. The mainstage has about 6 seats. This area has about double or slightly more seating. Plus you could actually see sports from this part of the club. They had on College Football of course, but it was there.

The first band that came on was… you guessed it, the band of the night for the third concert in a row. This band was called Infinite Detour. They were the only band that did not have brass instruments, they started off with a song title “Travelling On.” The music was very well played and was the highlight of the night. I actually scored a free demo EP from them. That helped them score points with me also. 5/5

The second band was Silver Dollar. These guys were pretty good also. They played a few instrumental Ska songs, plus they also performed some with lyrics. They weren’t as good as Infinite Detour, but they were great on their own merits. 4.5/5

The last band that I saw, (yes, there were more bands after this one) was called Magadog, who did not impress me that much. They mainly deal with the political parody side of music, as a few of the songs were dedicated to the President and Presidential hopefuls. I am neutral on political issues and so on. Overall they scored 3.5/5

Overall a pretty solid concert that was a no frills way to experience Ska, and probably at future concerts, Dub and Reggae. Final score 4.25/5

Version City Parties are held at the Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St. in the Tribeca section of Manhattan every first Saturday of the month at 7:00 PM.


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Mugison concert review.

September 24, 2008 at 12:02 am (Culture)

Is this the best concert ever (in my opinion anyway), read after the jump to find out!

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Review of Dave and Ethan’s “Double Date Us”

September 15, 2008 at 12:29 am (Culture)

I am back from hiatus, after being shut out of going to a comedy show for my birthday due to TS Hanna and having it replaced with a Met Game, which was exciting to say the least. The game was a slugfest 13-10 Mets was the final score. I am not here to talk about that. I am here to talk about a sketch comedy show I saw at the People’s Improv Theatre known as Dave and Ethan: Double Date Us.

The show was a short one, clocking in at around 40-45 Minutes total. It was a pretty interesting experience to say the least. They were mainly talking about a double dating experiment that they did over email and YouTube. They re-enacted a couple of dates they went on during the time they were doing it. One was with a mother and her 9-year-old daughter. The other one was about hanging out with two middle school girls who claimed they were college students from “the University of New York” (Not NYU, these were Middle School Kids pretending to be college age.)

They also had a simulated Double Date with two women from the audience. They were primarily bringing everything they mentioned at the beginning of the show back. Straight up to the music they were talking about earlier. That sort of dragged it down a bit.

Overall, a fairly decent show, although with very little originality. Overall score – 3.25 out of 5.

Dave and Ethan: Double Date Us has one more show at the People’s Improv Theatre on Saturday, September 27th at 7:00 PM.

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An Abridged Warm Up Review

September 1, 2008 at 12:31 am (Culture)

Hi there, I’m back from the one week hiatus to bring to you the review of what I think is one of the best summer parties in the whole New York Metro Area. That being the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center’s Warm Up Series. This will be an abridged review though, due to the fact that I left during the half-way point.

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For Those About To (Math)-Rock…

August 17, 2008 at 8:56 pm (Culture)

What kind of concert was this? Math-rock at the Central Park Summerstage…

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2008 International Yo-Yo Open & NY State Yo-Yo Contest Review

August 12, 2008 at 7:28 pm (Culture)

Can the world of people doing complicated tricks with yo-yo’s entertain me?

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Nights of Cabiria Review

July 29, 2008 at 11:46 pm (Culture)

There is nothing better than seeing a movie that doesn’t contain the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood blockbuster. The problem with those is that most of the time, these overhyped movies have everybody walking out of the theatre saying that the movie was extremely horrible. The movie, Nights of Cabiria is not that movie. It is a foreign film in the Italian language directed by Federico Fellini and assistant directed by Dominique Delouche (who was at the Theatre I saw it in, the Walter Reade Theatre.)

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Review of Eighty-1

July 21, 2008 at 5:39 pm (Culture)

What happens when you bring a classic novel like Around the World in Eighty Days and bring the novel into modern times? You get FACADE’s Eighty-1, which is a musical adaptation of the novel in that takes place in present-day London. The play overall was a pretty decent experience for someone who has never read said novel.

First off, the set has a very bare bones design, which is normal for a production that is a part of a festival. All there is is a trunk on the floor and a platform for the person playing on the keyboard. It was really funny how they improvised all the different forms of transportation they used on the trunk that was lying on the floor. I just wish there was a little bit more on the stage, but I will give it a pass. 3/5 for Set

The characters in the play are also pretty good too. The main protagonists are Phileas Fogg IV (Daniel Lincoln), who recreates his great grandfather’s quest to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. There is a reporter by the name of “Fixey” Fix (Nicole Weiss), who is a reporter who is also the reluctant love interest of Fogg. Fogg’s brother JP Passepartout (Brayden Hade), follows him on his journey.  The main villains of the play, Ralph Sullivan (David Albiero), and Lord Albemarle (John Anthony Lopez), are out to prevent Fogg from reaching his goal. Finally, there is Princess Aleysha (Jen Anaya), who is a set-up to put Fogg and company behind schedule. The characters seemed to mesh well with each other although the British accents on Sullivan and Albemarle were not that great. It just seemed a little bland. Other than that, the characters are good. 4/5 for characters.

The music was like a cross between a low-rent knockoff of Broadway showtune hits, to some pretty enjoyable numbers. Nicole Weiss has a pretty good voice along with Daniel Lincoln. The real standout was a pretty good ballad with a scene that was pretty funny called “Out On The Ice.” This was when the team was in New York and Fogg and “Fixey” Fix do some “ice skating” on a solid floor. Other than that, the music seemed like any Off-Off-Broadway Musical, trying to make it like Broadway, but fails often. 2.5/5

The plot is basically similar to the plot of Around the World in Eighty Days, Phileas Fogg IV decides to place a bet with the Reform Club of London, that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days. If he wins, he will be rewarded handsomely. If he does not, he will lose everything. He goes out on his journey while the owners of the Reform Club are doing everything in their power to stop Fogg from reaching his goal. Will he make it in time or will he lose everything? The plot has a unique twist in it, so be sure to check out the play to see it. This twist gives the plot a 4/5

Overall, this play should be checked out if you really want to have a real mindless diversion without having to think intellectually.

Final Score 3.5/5

Eighty-1 is playing at the June Havoc Theatre at 312 West 36th St. in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York. It is a part of the Midtown international Theatre Festival. The official website where you can find this and other shows at the festival is located at

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