Conspiracy of Beards: The Songs of Leonard Cohen Review

April 5, 2009 at 4:16 am (Uncategorized)

Quite possibly the most unique arrangement of a folk singer you will find anywhere…

Today, I went to the Highline Ballroom to check out the Leonard Cohen tribute choir Conspiracy of Beards. Lets just say that this was the most unique concert experience I have ever seen. The concert was made up of 2 acts, the opener, who was folk singer Peter Whitehead, and the choir. Here is the breakdown of how the two acts stack up.

Peter Whitehead – In the beginning of the set, I thought that he was going to be pretty good, with an excellent voice. He played some of his songs on an acoustic electric guitar, while other songs were played on a sitar. Everything wa going fine until the last two songs. What was up with the weird lyrics in the second to last song? Burn your mother and burn your father was the weird lyric. This song didn’t sit well with me. Also, there was a song that pretty much the only lyrics were “More is More” and “Less is More.” Overall, this was just an okay performance. Performer Score – 3/5

Conspiracy of Beards – Wow! What can I say. A disclaimer before I talk about them. I have no knowledge in the music of Leonard Cohen. I went into this concert blind. This 30-man choir delivered in every way possible. They performed Cohen’s classics in many different choir styles. They performed mostly in Gospel style, Doo-Wop style, and Barbershop style. This really made the music sound fun and exciting for me. The voices of the 30 men have to be some of the best voices I’ve heard in a vocal choir ever. Highly recommended for when they come back to New York possibly next spring.¬†They mainly perform in San Francisco. Performer Score – 5/5

In all, this was an excellent concert once the opening set was completed. The choir was awesome and I highly recommend them, even if your not a Cohen fan. Final Score – 4/5

Find out more about Conspiracy of Beards at

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